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Dog Walking

Group dog exercise is ideal for high-energy dogs, social dogs, and dogs that need a mid-day jaunt while their owners are away at work. Group adventures are the best way to exercise dogs and provide both canine and human companionship and socialisation.

We also offer solo dog walks for dogs that prefer a walk with no other dog and a 1 on 1 time with their dog walker.

Home Boarding near Chichester

Home Boarding

Our family homes ensure your pet gets the love, exercise and attention they deserve. You're welcome to visit the home of your sitter to become familiar with your pet's holiday home and ensure you and your pet are satisfied with their boarding environment.

Pet Visits

Visits are available for any type of pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds and more) and include feeding, play/walking, litter tray or garden cleanup. Lots of attention, and basic home maintenance such as plant watering, bringing in post and home security checks.

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Doggie Daycare SCDT

Doggie Daycare

The Doggie Day Care Centre is open from 7.30am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday & dogs are welcome for full or half days, Here at Doggie Day Care we ensure that your dog receives the exercise, company, stimulation and fun that they lack if left at home alone.

I would just like to thank Sussex Pet Sitters, but in-particular Emma. You looked after Stanley like he was one of your own, gave me daily, sometimes two/three daily updates and pictures whilst we were away for ten days. You eased my daily worry about leaving the young man and was respectful of said worry. Leaving him was a really difficult thing to do, however, you somehow made all of us (Stan inclusive) feel comfortable and welcomed. A really warm thank you and Stanley looks forward to hanging out with you again soon

Louise with Stan

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