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Dog in the Park

Dog in the Park



Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day



Sussex Petsitters is a professional, friendly and experienced dog walking company that puts the care and happiness of your dog and a first class personal service as its number one priority.


Established in 2002, we have a team of wonderful walkers based in and around Bognor Regis and the surrounding villages, and truly believe that we offer the best possible service for your dog at the most affordable price.


Whether you want an experienced dog walker or a friendly home for your pet to stay at while you are away, all of our staff are thoroughly trained, CRB checked and treat every animal as if it was there own.




Miranda Batterbee

Founder, Owner and Behaviourist


Miranda, founded Sussex Petsitters in 2002, wanting to provide a bespoke service to animal owners in and around Bognor Regis. Her love of animals has seen her work with the RSPCA, the Dogs Trust, Lowland Search and Rescue and The Kennel Club

Miranda Batterbee from Sussex Petsitters
Lois from Sussex Petsitters
Lois Lock

Office Manager


Lois is our friendly office manager. Not just a voice at the end of the phone, she will help you with all aspects of our pet care services, and arrange for you to meet one of our pet carers.

Our Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Team
Andrew Sasse

(Bognor Middleton, Elmer & Felpham)

I have been with Sussex Pet Sitters from the beginning and love getting out and going on walks with all different dogs.
I have a Cavachon and a Rottweiler.


My favourite breed is a miniature schnauzer because they have great character. 

My hobbies are archery twice a week and spending time with my family

Dog Walker in Bognor Regis and Felpham
Dog Walker in chichester
Anna Coyne


I have Jinx - Border Collie & Havoc - Malinois X German Shepherd. 

I've owned many different breeds of dogs, I don't have a favourite, I love how they're all different.

I am a trainer at Sussex County Dog Training, I teach Puppies through to Gold level obedience and Scentwork which is my absolute passion as I am also a Scentwork UK Judge & Instructor.

Dave Redmond
AKA 'Redders'


I joined Sussex Pet Sitters dog walking team in April 2023, after a long career in Insurance, I decided I wanted to follow my passion to work with dogs. I own a Malinois called Mackie, who keeps me on my toes and I absolutely adore him!


When not walking dogs you'll find me on the golf course, improving my swing, swimming with my son and enjoying family time.  

Dog Walking near chichester
Dog walker in Felpham, Bognor and Aldwick
Emma Hurley
(Bognor, Felpham & Aldwick)


I have 2 dogs, Darcy Dachshund & Betsy Beagle X and 2 African Snails!

In the past, I have been a Veterinarian Nurse where I learnt many skills and bring my passion with me through dog walking & small pet visits. 


I attend a weekly fitness group to keep fit alongside my dog walking and swimming too!


Kirsty & Julia Ferris


Kirsty Ferris

I own a cocker spaniel called Max.

My favourite breed is the working cocker spaniel. They’re energetic, intelligent and love cuddles! 

I love spending time outdoors, especially hiking and paddle boarding. Training with Max is one of my favourites, we do Scentwork, Agility and Gundog. 


Julia (Kirsty’s Mum)

Technically I don’t own any pets at the moment, but live with Max and look after him. I'm also Nanny to my son's cats and look after them when he’s away. 

I don’t have a favourite breed, I love each dog for being them. 

I’m Akela for a Cub Scout group in Littlehampton, I enjoy trying different crafts and going for walks in the countryside.

Dog Walker in Barnham, Westergate & Yapton
Megan Moss
(Barnham, Westergate & Yapton)


I'm Megan also known as Meg or Panda!

I have a variety of pets... Dog (Border Collie) , Cat, Snake (Western Hognose), Jumping Spider, Leaf Insects, Newt - I have had many more though! 

My favourite breed of dog has got to be a Border Collie - they’re intelligent, eager to learn & full of sass! I’m also fond of Spaniels & their hyper energy! If I had to pick 3 breeds to keep together at this current time it would probably be Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel & Red Setter because they’re all loony in different ways & could match each other's energy 😆

My hobbies & interests are... Plants! I have a house full & adore every single one! Some of my favourites are my huge Monstera Deliciosa & my smaller variegated one (Cheese plants), Anthurium Clarivernum & my Alocasias! I also knit & crochet a little, bake healthy doggy snacks for all the dogs I know & learn about doggy behaviour!

Mick Heywood
(Barnham, Tangmere, Yapton & Aldingbourne)


AKA Mickey.


My favourite breed of dog is Border Collies. This began when I was a child watching Shep, the Border Collie on Blue Peter, and my fondness for this breed grew stronger over the years. My father-in-law, a shepherd, also owned some beautiful working Border Collies. 


I really enjoy hiking, rugby, reading, and loud rock music. I love the great outdoors, rugby, reading, and rock music. 

Dog Walker in Barnham, Tangmere, Yapton & Aldingbourne
Dog walker in Bognor and Pagham
Rachel MacDonald
(Bognor & Pagham)

Also known as... mama bear/taxi 🤦🏼‍♀️


I own Morley the Black Labrador

My favourite breeds have got to be Labrador and Retrievers as they're fun and loyal, and their affection outweighs their stubbornness and greediness! But also love cockerpoos for their quirks!

I love finding good places to meet up with friends to eat, charity running, off-road biking, especially in the New Forest, chilling at our beach hut, finding new places to walk and a newfound love of crochet!

We are also the sister company to Sussex County Dog Training.


They have custom-built training facilities which include a training centre with rubber flooring, indoor and outdoor flyball runs and for agility. There are also enclosed fenced fields that allow them to give real life training and allows people to use them as a safe place to walk their dogs.

They also have an app they run to ensure you have all the support you need to reach your training goals. 

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