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Your pets will be living with us as part of the family keeping them used to their routine and as happy as possible.  All of our Pet Sitters are experienced, insured and trained,  Sussex Pet Sitters is a member of the National Pet Sitters and (The National Association of Registered Pet Sitter’s) NARP.

Sadly we cannot board dogs who are aggressive or over fearful of other dogs, people or children etc.  Your dog must also be happy to be left for short periods when your Pet Sitter pops out  (please note we do not leave them for long periods of time). When left they must not bark

excessive or be destructive/

If you have concerns over your pet’s behaviour please contact us and we can talk it through with you.


Dog Boarding in Chichester and Bognor regis

Cat Visits


Our Cat visits are 15 minutes long and we can visit up to twice a day if you require.

We charge £8 per visit during the week and £10 at the weekend and on bank holidays. 

We can also care for other small animals you may have, Fish/Chicken/Guinea Pigs etc and if you have any specific requirements just ask.

Cat visits in Chichester and Bognor



We have a small network of dog walkers based around the Bognor Regis area. We take your dogs out for an hours group walk allowing them to have lots of socialisation time and free play.


All of our dog walkers are police checked so you feel safe leaving your pets with us. 


When we walk your dog we are happy to let him/her/them off the lead if they have a reliable recall, but we reserve the right to keep any dog on the lead if we do not feel they will return when we call.  


We also have the option of daycare with your dog walker giving them a walk in the morning, staying with the walker and a second walk in the afternoon before being returned home. This is a great option for dogs who dont like being left in the house or are particularly high energy.


The pricing depends on how many dogs you require to be walked and each walking quote is   taylor made for you and your dog/dogs.



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